Freedom from pain without surgery or narcotics.

Dr. James Webb Helps back pain

Our Unique Approach

We do the best for our patients by following the basic principles that we were taught in medical school. Primarily, that the key to diagnosis is in the history and physical examination. The answer for the cause of a patient’s problem almost always lies in what the patient tells the doctor (if they ask the right questions) and what the doctor finds when they examine the patient’s body (if they actually do that).

It may seem simple, but what sets Dr. Webb and Nurse Practitioner Guthrie apart from most physicians is that they actually perform a history and physical exam on the patients that they see. That is where the majority of their solutions originate.
After that, we employ a systematic approach based on the scientific method, identifying and treating individual components of the patient’s pain. Most spine specialists focus on the intervertebral disc, presuming that a torn, bulging or herniated disc is the main source of the patient’s symptoms. For the patient we see, the pain is usually caused by multiple problems including the facet joints, the vertebral bodies, posterior elements, sacroiliac joints, muscles and other soft tissues in addition to the disc. We don’t just treat the disc, we treat the patient.

We believe that treating a patient should start with arriving at a diagnosis. This involves analyzing all the available data from the history, the exam, imaging studies and synthesizing it into a cohesive, logical explanation for the patient’s problem. Once a rational diagnosis is made, treatment can begin.
Many times, a patient may go to a specialist who asks the question is “Does this patient need spine surgery?”. What we try to do is get to the root cause of the patient's pain and find out what is wrong with them--not whether or not they are a candidate for a particular procedure.

Back pain is a leading cause of disability. Back surgery takes months to recover from, leaves a huge scar and metal in your back. And if you’re like most of the surgery patients we see, your pain is no better or even worse than before the invasive surgery.

How We're Different

Fast Recovery.

Most procedure patients are back to their usual activities the next day.

Medical Metabolic Evaluation.

We don't just put you on pain pills without treating the underlying cause. Most of our pain patients have underlying medical problems that can be treated to help pain in the long term.


Avoiding invasive spine surgery, expensive implants (like so-called spinal cord stimulators) and chronic narcotic medications can save time and money. It can also improve functioning and quality of life."

Results without Invasive Surgery

Even so-called 'minimally invasive surgery' has significant risks and incisions. We avoid that with procedures that are barely invasive at all.

Independent physician.

With no big group or hospital to answer to, we are free to do what is best for our patients, instead of what is best for the bottom line. Board Certified Radiologist.
Dr. Webb is an expert in both interpreting imaging studies as well as performing procedures to reduce pain. Advanced imaging studies, such as MRI, are critical to selecting the correct treatment plan for patients with chronic and/or postoperative pain. Dr. Webb is the only practicing pain specialist in Tulsa who is also board-certified to read the imaging studies that guide treatment.

Alternatives to surgery

Even less invasive than so-called ‘minimally invasive’ procedures, Dr. Webb brings sedation pain management for unprecedented pain relief without major surgery or potentially dangerous narcotic prescriptions.

Procedures, Major Results

Even less invasive than so-called ‘minimally invasive’ procedures, Dr. Webb brings sedation pain management for unprecedented pain relief without major surgery or potentially dangerous narcotic prescriptions.

If you want pain pills, we don’t want to see you. If you want to get better, then we want to help.

Not a spine surgeon, not a chiropractor, Dr. James Webb, MD is a medical doctor who has been providing
interventional pain services in Oklahoma since 2004.  He may be your only chance of
avoiding unnecessarily invasive surgery.

Using light sedation to avoid causing more pain, our minor procedures
are done without surgery.  Almost all patients can successfully avoid
lower back surgery through treatment with Dr. Webb. 

Less invasive alternatives to surgery means better outcomes for patients.
Most of our procedures take about 15 minutes and can be
done in office or a hospital outpatient setting.